Introducing FREEBYRD – Solar™

freebyrd solar system

Emergency Portable Solar Off Grid Solar Generator


The most reliable, emergency off-grid power source available today.

Our product engineered by a seasoned Electrician was built from the ground up with each and every part taken into careful consideration. The end result is a product that will be there during the most trying of times.

Check out these features & benefits:

Portable Built on wheels so you can just pull it out and set it up… Fast & Easy
Practical Sized right for practical use – Will provide enough power to operate your home refrigeration appliances, lighting and other important items needed for your survival.
Economical Available standard units; Buy-Online (PayPal – Visa, MC, AMEX)
Personal Attention We’re available to answer your questions. We designed this to work in our home’s first.

BUY NOW Available through this website www.SunByrd.com. MORE INFORMATION